Job on the road - This is how vehicle delivery drivers operate

Dec, 2020

Every day, thousands of cars are driven from A to B on Germany's roads on behalf of companies. Traders have to deliver their customers' cars, car dealerships and rental companies have to organise their own fleets skillfully, and private owners sometimes need their cars in places where they only arrive by plane. To do this, they all need the help of vehicle handlers, whose job it is to get the cars safely to their destination.

One way rental with the caravan?

Oct, 2020

Your long-awaited holiday is coming up. You are planning a road trip in a rented campervan from Hamburg to Stockholm: almost 1000 kilometres through Northern Germany, Denmark and Sweden. And probably even more - after all, you want to enjoy the unique landscapes of Scandinavia on the way. So of course you won't stay stubbornly on the motorway in order to complete the route as quickly as possible. However, there is one catch: you have neither the time nor the desire to make the return trip to Hamburg in a camper van after the extensive trip.

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