March 03, 2021


The call of the road - how vehicle drivers work

Every day, thousands of cars are driven from A to B on Germany's roads on behalf of companies. Dealers have to deliver their customers' cars, car dealerships and rental companies have to skillfully organize their own fleets and private owners sometimes need their cars in places where they only arrive by plane. They all need the help of vehicle transporters, whose job it is to get the cars safely to their destination.

Vehicle drivers often work independently for different clientsSchneller Start

With the help of ONLOGIST, many additional jobs can be acquired individually. The journeys are therefore selected from the platform's offer according to personal taste. They are not dependent on individual clients, but decide for themselves when and how they work.

Especially in the Corona crisis, flexible time management can compensate for financial bottlenecks. But also as a full-time job, vehicle transfers are an attractive job for anyone who likes to drive.

A fast start

That's what Diana and Steve do, for example: the couple has built up their own business for which they transfer vehicles. Sometimes Diana's mother and sister also help out, just like in a real family business.

"There are thousands of rides every day on the ONLOGIST platform," Diana says. "So it's very easy for us to acquire orders. That's a big advantage, because usually you have to build up your customer base before things really take off. ONLOGIST is a great help here, because it gives you easy access to an initial base of orders."

You decide when you want to drive

Another advantage of professional car shippers is that working hours can be flexible. "We can drive as much as we want and drive at any time that suits us. We are not tied to fixed hours like taxi drivers, for example," Diana says.

Moreover, no additional licences are required for vehicle transfers, only a valid driving licence is needed by the drivers. You can upload your licence to ONLOGIST and qualify for driving. So it's very easy to start up a driving service.

A varied job

Steve is also pleased with the wide range of cars he gets to transfer: "An added advantage is that you get to drive cars you can't afford or don't want, like a new BMW X4, for example. You really have fun at work when you're in a car like that."

Diana and Steve also combine their job with their leisure activities. As self-employed vehicle transporters, they have the opportunity to arrange their working days in the way that suits them best. This allows for creative freedom, as Steve explains: "The freedom in planning holidays is also terrific. If a holiday is planned to a certain city, we can easily save on travel expenses. For example, after a transfer trip to Berlin, we spent another weekend there. So we could just drop off the car and start our holiday from there."