October 17, 2022


Transfer driver: The best driver job

Not every driver job is worthwhile. Read here what advantages delivery drivers have over courier drivers or delivery drivers.

In addition to the growing demand for courier drivers, the need for drivers for car transfers is also increasing as part of the mobility transition. In this article, you can find out what makes the job of transfer driver so attractive compared to other driver jobs.

More and more driver jobs on offer

Due to the strong growth in e-commerce, doorstep deliveries are increasingly in demand. If you want to score points with customers as a company today, you can no longer avoid the "delivery service". Good times for delivery service providers or those who want to become one, as driver jobs are currently a dime a dozen.

According to a study by the Bundesverband Paket und Expresslogistik e.V. (BIEK), the number of people employed in courier, express and parcel services in Germany rose by over 84% between 2002 and 2021.

The driver job: The reality

Earningaliving by driving. A nice idea for most car enthusiasts. But depending on the driver's job, everyday life often looks different.

The courier driver job in particular has its downsides: Lack of recognition, shift work, overtime, time pressure and, last but not least, carrying heavy parcels are the most frequently mentioned. Fortunately, there is an alternative.

If you are looking for a job as a driver but value a flexible way of working and good pay, you should consider becoming a vehicle delivery driver. This has many advantages over the courier driver or delivery driver job.

The transfer driver job: flexibility is most appreciated

As a marketplace for vehicle transfers, we were interested in what transfer drivers value most about their profession. And who is the best person to ask? The drivers themselves, of course. To find out, we launched a survey among our service providers, the results of which we would like to share with you. Here are the top 3 answers.

I can work when I want

Flexible working hours instead of stressful shift work: According to the survey, being able to decide for yourself when you work is the biggest advantage that a job as a transfer driver has over other driver jobs such as courier driver, parcel deliverer, etc.

Via marketplaces such as ONLOGIST, transfer drivers decide for themselves when and how many journeys they want to make. This means that the job can be done as a part-time or occasional job as well as part-time or full-time and can be carried out by all kinds of groups - from students and pensioners to professional drivers.

I am my own boss

Being your own boss instead of pressure from above. Being self-employed and working independently comes in at number 2 in the ranking.

ONLOGIST offers self-employed service providers a platform on which you as an entrepreneur can quickly and easily get in touch with clients - without any time-consuming canvassing. You alone decide which jobs you want to accept and which trips are worthwhile for your business at which price conditions.

I earn good money

Lucrative orders instead of poor payment. Last but not least, the service providers on our platform appreciate the good pay for transfer journeys. Thanks to the low level of competition in the professional field of transfer drivers, you have a very good chance of getting profitable and fair prices - unlike with driver jobs such as courier or delivery drivers.

With us, drivers also have the opportunity to propose their own prices and cleverly combine journeys in such a way that money is earned on both the outward and return journeys.

Transfer vs. courier driver: additional advantages

The topic of work-life balance is becoming increasingly important. Stressful shift work, authoritarian bosses and poor pay do not fit into this concept. Fun at work and an easy start also play a major role. In this context, the job as a transfer driver has a lot to offer.

Driving lots of cool cars instead of hauling heavy goods

Service drivers work for furniture stores, beverage companies or department stores for electrical appliances, for example. The sometimes bulky and heavy goods not only have to be delivered to the customer, but also carried to their home and set up or connected. This cannot happen to you as a delivery driver. The focus here is on driving fun and enjoying cool cars.

No parcels, no goods, no carrying and no assembly. The orders are purely transfer orders. This means: you pick up the car, drive it to its destination and hand it over to the customer - done!

Low entry barriers

In contrast to self-employed courier drivers, who have to invest in a van before they can earn money with their job, transfer drivers do not need their own car or other expensive equipment.

Get started right away. Anyone who offers their services as a transfer driver via mediation platforms such as ONLOGIST needs nothing more than a smartphone and a driver's license in addition to self-employment.

Earn money without stress with ONLOGIST

Due to the mobility revolution, another driver job is increasingly coming to the fore. Car dealerships, garages, car rental and car subscription providers increasingly need transfer drivers to transport their vehicles safely from A to B. Drivers who want to earn good money, are not in the mood for stress and want to organize their own time can find their dream job in this area. Career changers, students, pensioners or professional drivers who want more flexibility in their job will also find a suitable alternative to conventional driver jobs here. It's very easy to get started via our vehicle transfer platform: register, find the right job from thousands and start driving - all easily via app. Try it out for yourself.