January 04, 2022


A look into the future - mobility becomes a service

The mobility market is undergoing a fundamental upheaval: the trend is moving away from owning a new car towards the fee-based use of various complementary mobility services.

The new mobility market

Owning our own car has long been one of the most important aspects of modern life, allowing us to travel when and where we want. However, the mobility market is undergoing a fundamental change: the trend is moving away from owning a new car towards fee-based use of different, complementary mobility services.

New car-as-a-service concepts

Many customers still want to have access to a car, but do not want to own the vehicles. Rather, they want to have the right vehicle available at the right time in the right place and only pay for it to the extent that they make use of the respective service. Car-as-a-service concepts, from car-sharing providers to long-term rental providers (car subscription) to classic leasing providers, are the growth drivers in the mobility industry.

The numbers speak for themselves

While in 2014 there were about 2.6 million leased vehicles on Germany's roads, by 2019 there will already be 4 million. According to astudy by Roland Berger, by 2025 there will be 19 million vehicles on the road in car-as-a-service fleets in Europe.

The cars are the same - the service makes the difference

The vehicles of the manufacturers differ less and less from each other. Vehicle characteristics such as engine power or top speed are becoming less and less important. Mobility - especially in urban areas - is becoming a service: the customer expects the right vehicle at the right place at the right time.

Using service as a growth trigger

Properly positioned, car-as-a-service concepts, car-sharing and car-subscription models as well as classic leasing offers will thus become the growth drivers in the mobility industry.

The new challenges

This increasing flexibility and complexity poses major challenges for companies. For many decades, the challenge in vehicle logistics and fleet management was to transport more and more vehicles from factories to dealers worldwide, using a car transportation company of their choice. Today, fleet operators face the challenge of getting thousands of individual vehicles to the right place at the right time - regionally, nationally and across Europe.

The solution

These circumstances reinforce the need for an advanced logistics technology in the mobility industry that is future-oriented, scalable and flexible at the same time. With many years of industry expertise in the field of car transportation coupled with IT competence, ONLOGIST acts as the logistics backbone for our customers and we see ourselves as an enabler for future business models in the mobility sector.

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