August 02, 2021

Transport vehicles quickly and easily with

With, ONLOGIST now also presents an offer for smaller companies, occasional users and private individuals who need vehicle transportation at short notice - quickly and easily via online booking.

Whether you are a fleet operator, vehicle dealer or car rental company

ONLOGIST has been facilitating smooth vehicle transportation for customers throughout Europe for years with a specially developed cloud-based platform. Intelligent software and big data are becoming increasingly relevant for this, as mobility as a service thrives on flexibility and speed. The right vehicle should be at the right place at the right time - for every customer. So that not only large companies can use ONLOGIST's marketplace flexibly and as needed, the company now offers an innovative solution for everyone with

Anyone who needs to move a vehicle can create the right order at

The starting point, destination and date must be specified, then a price is suggested. The transport is carried out by qualified driving service providers who are registered with ONLOGIST. The price includes comprehensive insurance to cover the vehicle. Any transport can therefore be carried out without any concerns. Enter date, start and destination, book - done

With the new offer, ONLOGIST is directly targeting customers who want to use the marketplace for occasional car transportations. Car repair shops, for example, can use it to have vehicles brought back to their customers at short notice after repairs; private individuals, for example, do not have to rely on parking spaces at the airport during their holidays, but can have their car transported back home; or mobility providers, who otherwise have their own drivers, can use to have individual vehicles transported during peak times.

Vehicle transportation has never been easier

"With, we are expanding our range of services to include a web platform that is user-friendly and that anyone can use to have cars transferred at short notice. We see that there is great potential among many private individuals and companies who need to transfer cars from time to time, but for whom the complete ONLOGIST solution would be too complex and overwhelming. With, we make access to our marketplace as uncomplicated as possible, so that even infrequent users have the opportunity to have their vehicle transported. This makes organising car transports intuitively simple," says Felix Müller, CEO and co-founder of ONLOGIST.