Smart Solutions for Car Transportation

A scalable transport solution for individual vehicles is crucial for the success of mobility providers. ONLOGIST offers the right solution for you with its marketplace for vehicle transfers.

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Vehicle Transfers at the Push of a Button

Every day cars have to be transferred from A to B. Driver shortages, rigid contracts and outdated processes used to make this task time-consuming and costly. But you can change that. With the ONLOGIST marketplace, clients and independent drivers now have a simple, efficient and scalable solution at their disposal.

the ONLOGIST platform

Thousands of Transfer Orders per Month – Europe-Wide

From car subscription providers to car rental companies to workshop chains. From professional drivers to career changers to students or retirees. Through our marketplace, well-known customers and qualified driving services can easily do business with each other and flexibly carry out thousands of vehicle transfer orders throughout Europe.

Good Reasons that Speak for Us

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Full Flexibility

Goodbye to tedious acquisition and rigid contracts. Our marketplace makes it easy for customers and driving services to do business as needed.

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Efficient from A to Z

Every minute counts. Our automated processes make transfers easier than ever – from commissioning to logging to billing.

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Maximum Security

With real-time tracking, excellent insurance, our top factoring partner and many other services, we ensure your all-round protection.

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Shaping the Mobility of the Future – with ONLOGIST

Are you a mobility company looking to beef up your fleet management or earn money as a self-employed transfer driver? Get started here.

Your Advantages as

Manage Vehicle Transfers Online

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Automatic Dispatcher

Through ONLOGIST, you can find qualified transport services for every order, who will bring your vehicle safely to its destination – whether planned for a long time or at short notice.

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Claims Management

Because incidents can happen, you are always optimally covered via ONLOGIST and can settle claims digitally, transparently and quickly.

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Digital Protocol

A clean inventory from vehicle acceptance to handover thanks to a uniform and fully integrated digital protocol.

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Telematics & Tracking

With our versatile telematics and tracking upgrades, you gain absolute transparency and security.

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Self-driven or on Trailer

Each vehicle transfer brings its own requirements. At ONLOGIST, there is a suitable transport solution for every job.

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Reporting & Controlling

The ONLOGIST platform collects and illustrates all costs for you and meticulously keeps track of them. This way you keep the full overview.

Earn Money Flexibly with Driving

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Thousands of Orders

With the ONLOGIST platform you get access to a pool of well-known customers – from car rental companies to subscription providers – without any acquisition.

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Full Flexibility

You want to be your own boss? ONLOGIST makes it possible! You decide yourself when and how many orders you want to accept and carry out.

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Attractive Earnings

50 € per 100 km and more – payment possible within 48 hours. With us you can suggest prices and decide which job is worth your while.

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Easy Implementation

Free registration and fast processes: With the ONLOGIST app, you do everything via your smartphone – without investing in expensive equipment.

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Lots of Driving Fun

No shift work, no heavy goods, no stress, no necessary training: Car delivery driver is simply the best driving job for car lovers.

Insight into the ONLOGIST Community

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Move your Fleet all over Europe

ONLOGIST supports you. Try our vehicle transfer marketplace now and bring your mobility or driving service company into the future.