January 07, 2022


All-round carefree packages and car transportation to the door for used cars

Chip shortages, long delivery times for new cars, increased awareness of sustainability and lower depreciation: used cars - especially young used cars - are becoming increasingly interesting for many people.

Rising demand and better service

Chip shortages, long delivery times for new cars, an increased awareness of sustainability and lower depreciation: used cars - especially young used cars - are becoming more and more interesting for many people. Due to the increased demand, the market is also changing. A look at the other side of the Atlantic shows which services customers will want in the future.

The development of the used car market

In the study "Embracing the Car-as-a-Service model - The European leasing and fleet management market", the consulting firm Roland Berger forecasts that in the former EU-6 countries (Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom) approximately 14 million young used cars - i.e. cars that are three to four years old - will change hands every year.

Two crucial factors of the used car market

The development of this market is mainly driven by two factors. On the one hand, there are currently waiting times of up to one and a half years for new cars due to the worldwide chip shortage. Secondly, consumers' environmental and cost awareness makes used cars attractive.

"The younger generations in particular are concerned about the ecological footprint of their purchases. In this context, a young used car, i.e. a second-hand car, is much more attractive. Especially since the acquisition costs are also lower and the car does not lose value so quickly," says Felix Müller, CEO of ONLOGIST.

All-round carefree packages and car transport to the doorstep

When looking for their dream used car, however, customers do not want to do without the services they would have with a new car purchase.

Felix Müller knows that these expectations are accompanied by a change in service habits: "Thanks to online shops, we are now used to products being delivered to our homes quickly and without complications. Customers now expect the same from other services, which is why car-as-a-service offers are currently growing rapidly."

The new providers in the used car market

Accordingly, in the USA providers like Caravana.com already offer used cars including a complete vehicle check, money-back guarantee and vehicle delivery to the door.

In this country, too, the first providers are already experimenting with similar concepts, such as Auto1 and Cazoo, whose service now also includes vehicle transport of the car.

"We strongly expect that the concepts offering transfers will prevail," sums up the managing director. "This is because it allows customers to search for their dream car more untethered from their place of residence."

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