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This is how ONLOGIST works

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Select Job

Select Job

Once you have set up your account in the ONLOGIST app, you can search for transfer orders. You decide for yourself which orders you want to accept.

Transfer Car

On the day of the transfer, you pick up the vehicle at the starting location. With the app, you log the pickup, navigate yourself to the destination, and confirm the successful transfer of the vehicle.

Transfer car
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Get money

Get Money

Once your transfer is complete, you create your invoice. You can generate and send the invoice via our portal. You will receive your money within 48 hours if you wish!

What you need

Trade License or Proof of Registration in the Commercial Register

Employee? No. On our marketplace we bring clients and driving service providers together. All you need to prove is that you are self-employed.

Driving License and Certificate of Good Conduct

Professional driver? Not necessarily. A class B driver's license outside the probationary period and a certificate of good conduct without entries are sufficient to get started.

iPhone or Android Smartphone

Technical equipment? Only the minimum! No matter which operating system you use, with the ONLOGIST app you can do everything via your smartphone.

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Register. Car Transfer. Earning Money.

Register, drive, earn money

Frequently Asked Questions

On the ONLOGIST marketplace, you can find orders for vehicle transport on own axle or on foreign axle. Drivers in possession of a trailer or tow truck can perform transportation on foreign axle for up to two cars.

First, register via our app. For this, have proof of your self-employment and your driver's license ready. Once your account is activated, you can see and accept orders.

That depends on you. You decide how many orders you want to do and at what price you offer your service.

On the ONLOGIST marketplace you will find several thousand orders every month. In your region, nationwide and Europe-wide.

Several thousands of orders from dozens of customers are placed on the ONLOGIST marketplace every month.

You will receive your money no later than 30 days after invoicing – this service is free of charge. On request and for a fee, you can choose to receive your money within 48 hours.

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What Drivers Say

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