Automatic Dispatcher

Intelligent automation for efficient fleet management

In the digital age, automation is finding its way into all industries. In logistics, too, it will significantly change the administrative and procedural tasks of fleet managers in the future. Intelligent solutions such as ONLOGIST reduce the time spent on routine tasks to a minimum and thus create more space for strategic matters.

Automation saves time and money

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On the ONLOGIST marketplace you have direct access to thousands of transport services that can accept your orders in a short time. ONLOGIST ensures that only the transport companies that meet your set criteria can see your orders.

Employed drivers

Manage your salaried drivers via our platform and use in-depth analyses to better plan and carry out journeys, as well as to identify untapped potential and utilise this by placing orders via the marketplace.

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Manage your contractual partners

You can also use the advantages of ONLOGIST with your existing contractual partners. Standardised accounting, digital logs and lean processes throughout the entire value chain optimise collaboration with your long-term logistics partners.

Central database creates clarity and saves time

Our innovative technology solution automates previously manual steps in fleet management - from order placement and claims management to invoicing. All data can be accessed at any time, without the need for tedious paperwork and time-consuming research.

Unlike conventional methods, where a wide variety of data from different - often still analog - sources has to be collected, checked and evaluated manually, with ONLOGIST all important information is bundled and digitally collected in one place. This means that you always have a full overview of drivers, vehicles, appointments, routes, receipts, invoices, individual agreements, protocols, insurance policies and much more.

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Fast. Clear. Digital.

All advantages of automation at a glance

Minimize costs

Routine administrative tasks instead of value-adding activities? Not with ONLOGIST. Leave recurring tasks to our software in the future and save valuable personnel and financial resources.

Increase quality

No matter how professionally your employees work - people make mistakes. Automation can significantly limit errors, thereby increasing quality and achieving a constant level of service.

Optimize fleet

Our platform bundles all order data in one place. Filter functions and automated reporting provide you with the information you need to analyze and optimize your fleet with just a few clicks.

Increase flexibility

In vehicle logistics, concrete agreements and fast response times are elementary. Automation speeds up the exchange of relevant information and allows you to react flexibly to unforeseen events.