Employed drivers

Manage your drivers
through our platform.

Salaried drivers have to be organised well to ensure maximum efficiency for your company. With the comprehensive management tools of ONLOGIST, you can achieve precisely this: Manage your salaried drivers via our platform and use in-depth analyses to better plan and carry out journeys, as well as to identify untapped potential and utilise this by placing orders via the marketplace.

Management and analysis
bundled in one place.

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All the management options on one platform

ONLOGIST gives you numerous opportunities to make better use of your resources. The management of your salaried drivers via the ONLOGIST platform gives you greater control and transparency. You can see the status of transfers in real-time, plan trips perfectly and, if necessary, you can also access the ONLOGIST marketplace to sort out bottlenecks in your logistics at short notice.

Make employees more efficient

Sort out bottlenecks
with available transport services.

ONLOGIST combines the advantages of having salaried drivers and using service providers with availability: You can assign driving tasks directly to your employees and are always kept up-to-date on the status of the transport. If your drivers are busy, the order can be automatically placed on the marketplace and shown to qualified service providers who are available.

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Simple. Safe. Cost-saving.

Why you should use
ONLOGIST for your salaried drivers

Assign drivers with precision

Each of your drivers can be added to ONLOGIST and given a user account. This means your employees can see a clear outline of all the relevant information they need for the transfer on their smartphone. And you can see where your employee currently is with the vehicle they are transporting.

Transparent and available at all times

The ONLOGIST platform is always accessible, so you can view the status of your orders at any time and, thanks to real-time tracking, you always know when the vehicle will arrive at its destination.

One platform to cover all options

Depending on your needs, you always have the option to use the ONLOGIST marketplace to obtain transport services to complete your jobs. This allows you to support your salaried drivers at short notice and guarantee a seamless process for your customers.

Use your employees more efficiently

ONLOGIST allows you to see the workload of your employees at any time. This means that orders can be automatically assigned to the right drivers, which in turn reduces waiting times.

You are in good company.