Direct access to thousands of driving services.

Ordering vehicle transfers has never been easier: On the ONLOGIST marketplace you have direct access to thousands of transport services that can accept your orders in a short time. ONLOGIST ensures that only the transport companies that meet your set criteria can see your orders.

Thousands of professional transport companies
are waiting to receive your order.

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Find reliable vehicle transporters

All the transport services on ONLOGIST are qualified and professional companies that specialise in transporting vehicles. You can use tutorials to perfectly prepare independent transport services to handle your orders. You can also decide who can see your transport orders. So you can ensure smooth transfers at all times

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Always transfer at the best price.

Placing transport service orders is made significantly easier by ONLOGIST: You do not have to carry out acquisitions and laboriously negotiate with each forwarding agent. Within a very short time, you will find qualified transport services on our platform who can take on your order. Thanks to the ingenious pricing mechanism on ONLOGIST, every order on the marketplace is placed at the cheapest available price.

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Simple. Safe. Cost-saving.

The benefits of using our marketplace at a glance

Thousands of certified service providers

The ONLOGIST platform brings together thousands of transport services, from transport companies through to independent sole traders. This means you can always find the right transport service for your needs at short notice.

No fixed relationships

You never have to sign any fixed framework agreements. Instead, you benefit from a flexible marketplace where you get the best quality at the best price for every journey.

Your logistics become independent

You are not tied to any contractor and can therefore plan your logistics resources accurately. This allows you to have an optimal cost structure.

Make use of synergies

Independent service providers optimise their prices by minimising costs and maximising the quality of their offer by taking on orders at short notice: Which means you can always benefit from the synergies that arise on the ONLOGIST marketplace.

You are in good company.