Claims management

Always optimally

In the event of a claim, you are always optimally protected with ONLOGIST. Transport services must have either their own insurance or use the practical ONLOGIST partner insurance provided by ERGO. This means that in the event of a claim, all the steps are clear: All claims are managed centrally on the platform. Both the transport service and you as the claimant compile all the relevant documents directly on the platform, and communicate in a targeted and efficient way with a reliable data basis. This means that insurance claims can be processed very quickly.

Process claims quickly
and transparently

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Direct connection to ERGO

With an exclusive insurance policy from ERGO, you can be sure that claims will be processed quickly. An individual policy is calculated and drawn up for each order. In the event of a claim, ERGO settles the entire loss amount and asserts the transport service deductible by internal arrangement. This means less effort for you, because as soon as the documents have been uploaded to the ONLOGIST claims tool, all the information is transmitted to ERGO via their own interface and your insurance claim will be settled within a short time.

Our insurance tool reduces
your workload to a minimum

Transport services that do not use the ERGO insurance solution must enter their insurance data on the ONLOGIST portal. As the client, you can view and approve them for the acceptance of orders. This ensures that only transport companies that are insured to a level that suits your requirements can see your orders. In addition, you can use our claims tool in full; in the event of a claim, the forwarding agent needs only to download the documents and submit them to the insurer they use.

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Simple. Safe. Cost-saving.

You can even rely on us if you need to make a claim

Digital tool for recording damages

The transfer of all relevant documents and all communication between the client and service provider can take place via our specially developed claims tool. This gives you legal certainty thanks to transparent communication between all those involved in settling the claim.

Absolute security

Every transport job processed on ONLOGIST is 100 percent insured. Even if the transfer does not go perfectly, your risk is minimised as much as possible.

One insurer for all orders

Together with ERGO, ONLOGIST has developed our own innovative insurance model specially designed for transport services registered with ONLOGIST: For each order that is placed via ONLOGIST, the transport services that wish to make use of the offer can automatically conclude their own policy, which is calculated on a case-by-case basis based on the distance to be travelled.

Fast and transparent processing

All orders on ONLOGIST are insured. Either through our partner policy with ERGO or through the transport service’s own insurer. This means that claims can be settled quickly and efficiently.

You are in good company