Maximum Transparency and Safety

Pick-up and delivery services are becoming increasingly important in the mobility industry. Customers expect their repaired, subscribed, leased or newly purchased car to be conveniently delivered to their doorstep. Our newly developed telematics upgrade gives mobility providers the ability to inform their customers in real time about the status of the transfer, providing the highest level of transparency and service quality.

Improve performance
and minimize risks

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One tool - full overview of your fleet

Cars are expensive assets. Our telematics feature gives clients a full overview of where their vehicles are. They can precisely track the route driven, detect delays due to traffic jams, etc. at an early stage, and react promptly in the event of breakdowns.

Innovative technology for optimal fleet management

Telematics and tracking tools are used to transmit information about individual vehicles or an entire fleet of vehicles. They have long been used successfully by freight forwarders and insurance companies and have proven their worth in fleet management as well as a motivation and reward system for drivers.

With ONLOGIST, the features are activated when the driver starts a job with the app. The transmission ends with the final log at drop-off. In addition to vehicle position and route, other telematics events such as speed or acceleration can be evaluated.

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Safe. Transparent. Sustainable.

All benefits of telematics at a glance


With our tracking upgrade, you always keep track of the whereabouts of your vehicles. Track transfer journeys in real time and secure your fleet effectively against theft and unauthorized use.

Service quality

Use tracking to address customer needs. Provide reliable information on delivery times and transfer status and benefit from fast response times in case of delays.


Telematics systems collect and visualize data such as vehicle location, route or driving behavior and thus contribute significantly to a better and more sustainable transportation system.

Advantages for all

The new tracking feature at ONLOGIST improves logistical processes and simplifies communication between clients, drivers and us as a platform.