Easy System Integration

The perfect extension for your system.

ONLOGIST is the perfect extension of your existing logistics system. Via interface you can embed the access to the ONLOGIST platform in your already existing system. This allows you to operate ONLOGIST in your familiar software environment without you and your employees having to log in twice and enter data twice.

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Expand your own vehicle logistics via interface.

Integrate ONLOGIST directly into your system via interface. This way, transfer orders can be transmitted easily and all status updates as well as protocols can be found in your familiar work interface. Thus, you can smoothly switch over and directly access driving services via ONLOGIST.

Via Internet browser from anywhere

Your employees simply log in to ONLOGIST via their internet browser. You can assign different roles to your employees, which cover the individual range of tasks. Create new orders, process existing orders and settle completed orders.

Your logistics become a full service.

Mobility is becoming a service. This means that your established ERP software must be able to do more and more. Thanks to ONLOGIST, integrating vehicle logistics into your management system has never been easier. ONLOGIST's powerful tools will make your logistics more agile, faster and more efficient.

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Simple. Safe. Cost-saving.

Your interface for success

Less work steps

Achieve more with less: Orders that you create in your system are automatically entered on ONLOGIST. There is no need to log in twice.

Communicate easily with ride services

The status of your orders is visible directly in your system at all times - all data is synchronized. Thanks to constant exchange, you receive all the relevant information you need to control your logistics in your existing ERP system in real time.

Integrated processes

By integrating ONLOGIST into your existing software environment, you have the possibility to technically link processes seamlessly: For example, a completed vehicle registration can automatically create a transport order. Connect your systems via interfaces and create maximum efficiency!

Status updates in real time

ONLOGIST allows you to contact the service providers you have commissioned at any time via our messaging tool - simply, quickly and, thanks to the interface, from within your familiar software environment.