Access via API

The perfect extension
for your system.

ONLOGIST is the perfect expansion of your existing logistics system. You can use the interface to embed access to the ONLOGIST platform into your existing system. You can thus use ONLOGIST in your usual software environment without you and your employees needing to log in and enter data twice.

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Expand your own vehicle
logistics using our API.

By using our direct integration into your existing logistics system, you choose the most efficient way to integrate all the advantages of ONLOGIST into your system. You can use it to access your internal logistics and process customer orders faster without having to change between several systems.

Easier than ever

Your logistics become a
comprehensive service.

Mobility becomes a service. This means that your established ERP software has to be able to do an increasing amount. Thanks to ONLOGIST, it is easier than ever to integrate vehicle logistics into your management system. With the powerful tools of ONLOGIST, your logistics become more agile, faster and more efficient.

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Simple. Safe. Cost-saving.

The interface for success

Integrated processes

By integrating ONLOGIST into your existing software environment, you have the option to seamlessly technically link processes together: For example, a vehicle registration can automatically trigger the creation of a transport order. Connect your systems via interfaces and achieve maximum efficiency!

Communicate easily with service providers

ONLOGIST allows you to contact commissioned service providers at any time using our messaging tool – easy, quick and, thanks to the interface, all done within your usual software environment.

Fewer work steps

Achieve more with less: Orders that you create in your system are automatically populated on ONLOGIST. There is no need to log in twice.

Status updates in real-time

You can see the status of your orders at any time directly in your system – all the data is synchronised. Thanks to an ongoing exchange, you receive all the relevant information you need to manage your logistics in your existing ERP system in real-time.

You are in good company.