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The ideal solution for occasional transports.

Even if you do not need to regularly move vehicles from A to B, ONLOGIST is still your ideal partner for transfers. We are currently working on a concept to make transporting your car as easy as possible for you: Enter the pick-up point and destination into our online shop, select a date, book the transport and you’re done. This is how easy it can be to relocate vehicles.


The easiest way to
transport a vehicle.

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The ideal solution for small companies and individuals

Sought and found: You will be able to book individual vehicle transfers in our online shop. Without registering on the ONLOGIST portal, you can have vehicles moved across Europe – the process will take just a few minutes. This makes having a vehicle transported as easy as buying a concert ticket.

Easy and safe

Book without hesitation –
transport vehicles easily.

Even if you have never ordered a vehicle transfer before, you can book vehicle transports easily and securely via our online shop – straightforward and within a very short space of time thanks to our network of thousands of qualified transport services.

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Just one click

Simple. Safe.

The benefits of using our online shop.

Perfect for individual orders

Explore the Côte d’Azur by car and return by aeroplane: ONLOGIST allows you to be as flexible as you want to be.

No registration required

Create a transport order: it’s never been easier. No registration is required to use our online shop. Simply choose the starting point and destination, pick a date and book the transfer – done.

Perfect for occasional users

Whether it’s for small companies or private individuals, the ONLOGIST shop enables the booking of transfers at short notice. Right when you need them and with no effort.


You are in
good company.