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The easiest access
to our platform.

Regardless of where you are and tailored precisely to your requirements: The most straightforward way to access our platform is via your browser. Without requiring any technical effort, you are able to immediately use all the functions of ONLOGIST – whether you’re in the office or working from home.

Control logistics processes
directly from your browser.

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Vehicle logistics for professionals

You can assign roles to your employees with precisely the authorities required for the management of your logistics processes. This makes things such as allocating budgets easier through the use of clear hierarchies and gives you control over each of your logistics team’s tasks.

All possibilities

From individual orders through
to complete logistics management.

ONLOGIST is the logistics platform that grows with your company. Regardless of whether you just want to organise individual transports or are looking for a comprehensive system for your entire vehicle logistics business – accessing our services via your browser gives you all the options you need to optimise your vehicle logistics flexibly and to suit your requirements.

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Simple. Safe. Cost-saving.

As flexible as your company

Optimal organisation

You can create specific accounts for your employees with precisely the authorisations they need. This means you can control order placement, budget planning and analysis of your orders in the browser.

Reach your goals faster using templates

You can save orders that come up frequently as templates. This means a vehicle transport job can be created in just a few seconds. This prevents errors from occurring and speeds up your internal processes.

Comprehensive solution

You have access to all the functions you need for your modern logistics business directly in your browser. You receive information about your transfers in real-time and can react immediately.

Always available

You can plan and complete orders at any time. As a digital and transparent platform, you can always see where your vehicle is – in real-time.

You are in good company.