Simple accounting

Full control over
your logistics costs

If you work with a large number of external transport services, the subsequent billing for each individual transfer becomes a time-consuming endeavour. ONLOGIST gives you the option to bundle all relocation trips into a single invoice. This frees up your billing management staff and gives you greater control over your logistics costs.

Make accounting as
easy as relocating vehicles

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One vendor, one account, one transfer

There is only one invoice for all the transport services you use. This significantly reduces the workload of your finance department and you can be sure that all service providers have been paid on time. ONLOGIST makes your accounting process as easy as possible.

Automate your billing management

Thanks to upstream checking and approval processes, invoices can only be created once all possible discrepancies have been cleared up. The transparent processes on ONLOGIST means you can automate the payment of invoices, as we always guarantee that each individual service invoiced has been performed in full, any expenses have been authorised, and subsequent agreements have been taken into consideration. This gives you absolute peace of mind when invoicing.

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Simple. Safe. Cost-saving.

All the advantages of our accounting processes at a glance

Directly in your ERP system via an API

You can also use our interface to integrate ONLOGIST directly into your ERP system. This makes it even easier to control your logistics jobs, as you can continue working with a system that is familiar to you. All data exchanges take place automatically.

Maximum control

All documents are stored on the ONLOGIST platform in commonly used file formats and can be viewed at any time. This means you are always informed about your logistics costs.

Lean accounting

Regardless of how many transport companies you commission using ONLOGIST, your accounting department will receive all the trips summarised in a single invoice. This speeds up payment and protects against errors.

Keep control with real time analytics

Your dashboards make it easier to control your logistics, especially if you use lots of transport services on ONLOGIST. With just a few clicks, you can analyse the number of orders placed, costs accrued, and kilometres travelled, freeing up your accounting staff.

You are in good company