Reporting & Controlling

Everything at a glance with ONLOGIST

Your fleet is your capital, so it's even more important to keep track of all your costs. Thanks to smart accounting tools, this is a breeze. The costs of all transfer journeys can be collected in a single invoice and are available for viewing in the app. The cost distribution is also illustrated via vivid charts so that comparisons of different time periods can be made.

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With love for detail

The ONLOGIST platform not only collects and illustrates the costs for the transfer service provider for you, but also keeps a meticulous eye on additional costs. Particularly during longer transfer journeys, it is often the case that fuel has to be added or that toll costs may be incurred during international journeys. The driver displays these and then uploads receipts for reimbursement. The ONLOGIST app keeps these other expenses ready for you for overview and control, so no detail can get lost.

Ecological footprint

In addition, ONLOGIST provides you with in-depth environmental reporting. Especially since the new EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive will come into force in 2024, collecting sustainability-related data via the app can be a great help for fleet managers.

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