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Because every minute
counts in logistics

When it comes to on-time vehicle logistics, every minute counts. ONLOGIST software solutions help you to use internal resources more efficiently and save valuable time. Transport jobs can then be easily set and automatically assigned and billed. Completely customisable to your requirements and secure through verification processes. This enables you to transfer vehicles in the shortest possible time.

Latest technologies
for the simplest transfers

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ONLOGIST enables vehicle transfers to be automated in no time

This means that it only takes a few minutes to place an order on our platform and to get it accepted by a qualified driver: Your vehicle will be on its way to the destination in no time. Based on historical data and your price matrix, the AI-supported pricing mechanisms invariably calculate the optimal price for your orders. Also, the journey is automatically insured if desired, with the help of the ONLOGIST and ERGO partner policy.

Maximum transparency

The automatic transport of your vehicles is digitally logged, from the acceptance of the order to its invoicing. The time-consuming coordination of transfers is now a thing of the past, because you can see the status of the transport in real time and can react to any eventuality without having to call service providers or customers first. Even after the transfer, you benefit from the automated processes on ONLOGIST, because all orders are collected in a concise invoice, which significantly unburdens your accounting staff.

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Simple. Safe. Cost-saving.

Automate your logistics

Automatically safe

The transparent processes on the ONLOGIST platform provide real-time insights into the status of your orders. In addition, transfers can be insured via the ONLOGIST and ERGO partner policy. This means you can automate your vehicle transfers hassle-free.

Simplified processes

Place an order, assign it automatically and be sure that the vehicle will arrive: the automated assignment of orders via ONLOGIST makes your transports as simple as possible. You will never have to phone after a transport order again.

Always at the best price

Your transfers are always made at an optimal price, based on your price matrix, and with the help of AI support and historical data. This means that your orders are always automatically allocated according to your requirements.

Simplified billing

After the transfer has taken place, orders can be easily billed. There is only one invoice for all the transport providers you use. This means you only have one creditor, one invoice and one bank transaction, which sustainably relieves your bookkeeping.

You are in good company