Digital protocol

Always with you - The ONLOGIST app

For each step of the car transfer, special technological tools have been developed to guarantee a smooth process, for example through the digital log. Here, the automatic transfer of your vehicles is clearly recorded digitally, from order acceptance to invoicing, so the ONLOGIST app tracks the order processing every step of the way.

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Nothing can get lost

Every job begins and ends with detailed documentation. For example, before the transfer, pictures are taken of individual parts of the car and uploaded via the app so that everyone involved can access them at any time. The log is saved and is also available for review after the job is completed. Especially in the event of damage, the log can provide important evidence.

Can be customized as well

The transfer protocol provides information about the condition of the vehicle at the beginning and end of the job. This includes, for example, pictures of the exterior and interior of the car or inventories of the mileage and the tank. However, the protocols can also be individualized and supplemented with additional items. In this way, ONLOGIST provides the right protocol for every client.

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Safe. Transparent. Cost-saving.