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Earn money quickly with vehicle transfers in Schleswig-Holstein is an online marketplace where you can quickly earn money through vehicle transfers. A car transport is usually commissioned by rental companies such as SIXT and Europcar, car dealers such as A.T.U. and fleet operators. Service providers or drivers who want to earn money quickly fulfill these orders and take care of the car transport.

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The term "vehicle transfer" stands for the transfer of cars from A to B. Customers include workshops, car rental companies, fleet operators and private customers. In the case of vehicle transfer, the cars are transferred on their own axles. This means that no transporter is used. The vehicle does not require any special registration for the vehicle transfer. Car transfer by vehicle transport, on the other hand, is carried out using a vehicle transporter for several vehicles, or using a trailer for a single vehicle. There is also a special form of vehicle transfer with a closed trailer, which can be used for luxury vehicles.

In addition, you have the option of submitting a price quotation to the customer.
Approximately 35,000 orders per month are displayed on These are mostly within Germany. A car transport to neighbouring countries like Spain, Italy, Croatia, Denmark, etc. is generally also possible.

Earning money fast is one thing, security another. On every vehicle transfer is insured. You can take out and use your own transport liability insurance for the transport, or take out the insurance via ONLOGIST, which takes place in cooperation with ERGO. The cars that are set for vehicle transfer via are normally registered and require neither a special registration nor red number plates.

Someone who wants to carry out such car transports must be a freelancer or have registered their own business. Furthermore, a valid driving license and a clean police clearance certificate must also be presented.

The invoice is issued immediately after the successful transfer of the vehicle. The preliminary costs that you have paid for e.g. fuel, toll, parking, oil and other costs can be settled digitally via the ONLOGIST platform. You must include the journey to and from the vehicle in your offer, as these are not billed via Payment is made by bank transfer. This takes a maximum of 30 days, if required you will receive your money within 24 hours.

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