Oct, 2020

One way rental with the caravan?

Your long-awaited holiday is coming up.

You are planning a road trip in a rented campervan from Hamburg to Stockholm: almost 1000 kilometres through Northern Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

And probably even more - after all, you want to enjoy the unique landscapes of Scandinavia on the way. So of course you won't stay stubbornly on the motorway in order to complete the route as quickly as possible.

On the contrary. You will take long detours to see special places in the wild nature and visit small towns. Maybe locals will give you tips for beautiful routes that you will follow, even if it costs you a whole day.

Because that is what makes a trip by motorhome so exciting: You can explore the world and its nature at your own pace, independent of hotel bookings, check-in, check-out and breakfast times.

You go on a trip with a camper because it is simply an unbeatable feeling of freedom to be able to go wherever you want every day. The anticipation of the holiday is getting bigger every day.
You have neither the time nor the desire to make the return trip to Hamburg in a camper van after the extensive trip.

You'd much rather just park your rented camper in Stockholm and someone else would drive it back while you get on the plane and land in Hamburg an hour and a half later. You would also like to pay extra for this comfort.

A quick Google search will show you: Many companies and self-employed people specialise in transfers. They do nothing else but drive vehicles safely from A to B.

This would be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this practical service!

So talk to your caravan rental company about it. But he is not enthusiastic about the plan. He knows that there is the possibility of having his campers transferred by service providers. But he would rather not, and for good reasons.

Because for him it means additional work. He must find a suitable provider. The transfer must be coordinated. Unforeseeable delays can occur. And what about the insurance?

Organising all this takes time and may even be a pain in the neck. It is understandable that your rental company does not want to tie itself to the extra work.

However, your Google research has already shown you the solution to these problems. It can be summarised in one word: ONLOGIST. With over 9000 registered service providers, the online marketplace is Europe's largest platform for vehicle logistics.

You enumerate:

ONLOGIST arranges over 400,000 transport orders annually. And fast: 80 percent of the orders are placed in under 10 minutes. From order placement to order confirmation to invoicing, everything is handled digitally.

It couldn't be faster and more convenient. And every single transfer is insured.
Your caravan rental company takes a thorough look at everything. He comes to the same conclusion as you: this is simply too good not to do it. While you say goodbye, he starts to create his profile on ONLOGIST.

And you? You drive One Way to Stockholm.