Moving forward together: How start-ups can benefit from ONLOGIST


What are your New Year' s resolutions?

Perhaps they include breaking new ground professionally and setting yourself up in a new direction? Starting your own business and becoming successfully self-employed is much easier today than it used to be; after all, the internet offers an almost inexhaustible supply of ideas for ambitious founders.

Where can I find initial information?

Platforms such as are a good first starting point. Here, aspiring self-employed people can find not only basic knowledge, but also concrete tips and assistance for all phases of setting up a business, from the first idea to drawing up a business plan to ways of financing the start-up and attracting customers. For example, there is a very detailed, easy-to-read basic article that goes into the most important aspects of setting up a business and gives concrete tips on what founders need to pay attention to.

What can I expect?

We also have a lucrative tip for prospective or already established entrepreneurs: freelancers and self-employed persons can register as service providers with the Hamburg software company ONLOGIST and generate additional revenue by transporting vehicles. What sounds like a small niche at first glance turns out to be a business model with great potential on closer inspection: Hundreds of thousands of transport orders are brokered via ONLOGIST every year. The company was founded in 2014 by Felix Müller and Moritz Pagendarm and has since become Europe's leading marketplace for car transportation. One of the reasons for this success is that the company offers other mobility service providers the opportunity to use ONLOGIST's digital market platform as a further mainstay and generate additional orders and thus revenue.

Our recommendation

Let your good intentions become reality. Register a business, set up your own company and focus on reliable partners and long-term customer relationships right from the start. Find a niche in which you can establish yourself and, as with ONLOGIST, use synergies and existing structures to be able to concentrate fully on your own core business. Be brave and go your own way into professional independence; it is certainly not always easy, but it is worth it!