How the e-scooter hype can help vehicle transfers

They are fast, handy and can now be found in almost all cities - e-scooters. While the electric scooters were not worthy of widespread use until now due to their weak batteries, they have been in vogue since this year and impress with their long ranges and easy handling. Sharing services, i.e. the short-term rental of e-scooters, are particularly popular. The principle is simple: an app that you have to download beforehand is the starting point of the whole thing. It provides an overview of available scooters in the vicinity and also shows the user information such as battery status, the model or the calories consumed. Once you have decided on a scooter, you start your ride after a short setup and then pay per minute plus a flat rate. In addition to the simple operation, the big advantage is that you can park the scooter almost anywhere and thus enjoy a high degree of flexibility.

E-scooters are currently experiencing a big boom, which is why it is not surprising that the number of providers is constantly growing. They compete for the favour of users and entice them with ever better offers, which on the one hand creates competition, but on the other hand makes the choice of the right provider enormously difficult. At the moment there are four major providers nationwide, all of whom want to get their scooters under people's feet with various extras. The biggest of them: Lime. The bright green scooters can be seen from far away, and the area of use and the scope of services is also greatest here. While most providers only offer rentals in the city centre, the big advantage of the US provider is its large radius, which is especially pleasing for those who live or work outside the city. In addition to the pure ride, the company also offers gimmicks such as a calorie meter or route planning. But the competition is closing in. Providers like Tier, Circ or the Swedish provider Voi all offer the same thing at a similar level. What is striking is that there is no price war among the companies. Scan the QR code, activate it manually or use the app - all providers charge €1 for activation and 15 cents per minute. It's clear that you pay for the fun factor and the high flexibility. Whether this is worth the price is something everyone has to decide for themselves, but you should definitely try out the e-scooters.

E-scooters for vehicle transfer or for pick-up and drop-off services:

The great popularity of e-scooters is currently mainly due to the fun factor. Getting from A to B without effort and with fun is just what attracts those who like to experiment. In addition, e-mobility in the form of electric scooters also offers great, as yet untapped potential. Pick-up and drop-off services, delivery services or vehicle transfers are ideal customers, as the distances are often short and can be covered without intermediate charging. Travellers or users of a rental car often have the problem of finding suitable transport to or from the station and thus often have to resort to expensive taxis or public transport. This costs money as well as nerves. For the connection between public transport and rental car stations, scooters could be real time savers. Once you have arrived in a city, it is easy to get on the scooter, which then takes you to the next station without any problems. Since the handy scooters can be folded up and parked almost anywhere, the journey does not have to end at the station - it can be conveniently stowed away and used for the rest of the journey at the place of arrival. In addition to advantages for travellers, this type of use also offers advantages for vehicle transfer companies or a pick-up and drop-off service.

In summary

If a vehicle transporter has to transfer vehicles from A to B, this often requires two workers or costs for the return journey. Although these costs are not directly related to the job, they are unavoidable for the deal. Here, too, cost savings are possible and also sensible through the use of an e-scooter. The employee loads a scooter into the car to be transferred, delivers the vehicle and then drives back quite relaxed with electric assistance. In this way, the vehicle transfer could be made much more efficient and also easier.

Whether as a source of fun, as a companion to work or as a service provider of a pick-up and drop-off service, e-scooters are on everyone's lips at the moment. Whether you need them or not is something everyone has to decide for themselves, but it should certainly be worth a try.

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