16. Mai 2019

Expanding with ONLOGIST: How the mobility service provider Perfecttrans24 got on the fast track

Fast and profitable growth, this goal has been achieved by the small company Perfecttrans24 from Steinheim an der Murr. The new company was founded in March 2018 with eight drivers. In the meantime, the service provider, which specialises in car transfers, employs around 35 drivers. "This was only possible with a great team and a strong partner," underlines plant manager Semih Eys.

The strong partner in this case was the Hamburg-based mobility company ONLOGIST, which developed a digital market platform for arranging transfer journeys. More than 400,000 orders are placed each year via ONLOGIST. "Owing to ONLOGIST we succeeded in generating many orders from the conditions , report Eys.

Also further services, like the complete, to a large extent automated order handling including customer communication over the ONLOGIST platform, convinced Eys: "Thanks to these functions, we can concentrate completely on our core business, the transfer of cars from A to B. This is a noticeable relief for which we are happy to pay a commission". As a young company, Perfecttrans24 has benefited considerably from the rapid processing of invoices at the push of a button and the possibility of pre-financing: "We can thus relieve our back office perfectly and control our liquidity, which is extremely important especially in the start-up phase".

Perfecttrans24 is now established in the market. Our regular clients include well-known car rental companies that value reliable service providers. "After our stormy initial period, we want to continue to grow, but not quite at the same pace as before," says owner Seydi Özpek, explaining the company's philosophy, "in doing so, we rely on quality and continue to rely on ONLOGIST.